Wealth X And Singapore Yacht Partnership Oct17


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Wealth X And Singapore Yacht Partnership


Singapore Yacht Show is an absolutely glamorous event that gives the ultimate opportunity to the magnificent yachting brands to market their yachts and get associated with wealthy individuals. Ever since the rich class of Asia has been increasing, the market for international yacht brokers and builders is also augmenting. Singapore Yacht Show is the event that encourages international yacht brokers and builders to invest in Asia.

The exhibitors who participate in the show interact directly with the billionaires and millionaires from Singapore and also enjoy the luxury shopping, world famous casinos and renowned golf courses in the region.

Recently, the Singapore Yacht Show has collaborated with Wealth X so that through their joined forces they are able to analyze and gain knowledge about Asia’s ultra wealthy and also get an idea of demands for boats and yachts in the future.

Wealth X is the UHNW prospecting and intelligence firm which has organized research and data related to the UHNW individuals in Asia. Wealth X has its headquarters in Singapore but it also has 13 field offices in 5 different continents.

The partnership between Wealth X and Singapore Yacht Show will allow the yachting companies from all over the world to capitalize on the changing tastes and increasing private wealth in Asia.

According to Wealth X’s CEO- Mr. Mykolas Rambus, the joint venture reflects the fact that Wealth X is totally committed to the ever expanding yachting industry and to its customer base. In his opinion, yachting professionals take keen interest in the news flashes, stories and reports that are published by Wealth X.

Singapore Yacht Show’s managing director- Mr. Andy Treadwell also said that getting details on Asia is extremely fundamental and therefore getting associated with Wealth X is perhaps the smart move on Singapore Yacht Show’s part.

Only time will tell how this partnership between the two is going to prosper.