Two Mumbaikars Bring Pride To The Nation! Jul10


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Two Mumbaikars Bring Pride To The Nation!


Mumbai boys, Arosh Chaudhari and Upamanyu Dutta together defeated five other teams last week in Vishakapatnam to win the national selection trails. With that win they got the opportunity to represent India for the Asian games 2014 men’s in September in South Korea. Life has been like a fairytale for these two Mumbai boys.

The 17 year old Dutta, who went to Bombay International School at marine drive, said that it hasn’t sunk into his mind so far. Dutta, who took part in the races across Europe and Asia said it’s too late for them to realize that what they have succeeded and what is waiting for them in September.

Chaudhari aged about 15, who went to the Podar International School Santa Cruz uttered that it is going to be a good experience and the emotions should not overcast them. There is a task in hand which will help them to succeed.

At the age of nine both of them became experts. They are termed as the second generations’ sailors. Chaudhari’s father, who is a national level sailor, has taught him in this field. Chaudhari said that later on when he realized that not many children are there in sport he clinched the sport.

As the Asian games is knocking on the door, both of them practiced at the Bombay yatch club. They practiced a lot during the month of June. They will be travelling to Germany for the Kile Week which is the world’s biggest saling occasion. After that, the under 19 world championship will be held Portugal in July.

Dutta said that it will be hot in Portugal, but cool in Germany. The challenge is not so simple; it is not an easy sport. The contest which they are facing is huge. They need to get focused as the wind tides and clouds are going to alter every minute.