Top 5 Most Beautiful Marinas


Ever wondered where the likes of Roman Abramovich, David Coulthard and Wayne Rooney kept their yachts?  We run down the top 5 most beautiful marinas in the world, which also happen to be some of the most expensive – you’re eyes will pop out of their sockets when you see how much it costs to stay there for just ONE night!

Port de Saint Tropez; France. £1,200 per berth.

Port de Saint Tropez

Port de Saint Tropez is one of the most well known marina’s in the world. It is located in France and considered one of the major hubs of the Mediterranean. It offers beautiful views reminiscent of the Renaissance period and is a common port of call for most cruise ships.


Puerto Jose Banus; Marbella, Spain. £1,800 per berth.

Puerto Jose Banus

Built originally by Jose Banus in 1970, Puerto Banus has become a luxury complex ever since. It has enough berths for 915 boats and covers a total area of 15 hectares, with a beach located on either side! It’s clientele includes some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, including the King of Saudi Arabia!


Marina di Portofino; Genova, Italy. £1,900 per berth.

Marina di Portofino

While not offering as much space or luxury as other ports across the world, Marina di Portofino offers everything you could want out of the Mediterranean. It’s buildings are typically Italian and the walks along the port front will leave you wishing you could stay forever.


Marina di Porto Cervo; Sardinia, Italy. £2,250 per berth.

Marina di Porto Cervo

The Marina di Porto Cervo is a sparsely populated town with less than 200 permanent inhabitants. The Marina itself is one of the best equipped shipyards in the Mediterranean, capable of repairing even the largest luxury yachts. The town has a Italian countryside feel, with it’s dark orange buildings.


Marina Grande; Capri, Italy. £2,500 per beth.

Marina Grande

The Marina Grande is the most beautiful marina in the world. The town climbs up Mount Solaro and from the port itself, it creates one of the best views available. The Marina is busy all year round and offers two basins for Commercial and Leisure craft.


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