Top 5 Cruising Areas In The World


These places are breathtaking and will leave you wanting to stay forever.   Beautiful blue seas, sandy beaches, amazing food and ridiculous prices all make for some dreamy destinations!


  1. Thailand


Thailand offers some of the most spectacular views in the world and whether you’re looking for a place to dance and party or relax and chill out, you’ll find plenty of both. Some locations seem like they’ve been placed exactly for you. Overall, the seas and resorts are perfect for anyone and Thailand will always leave you wishing for more.


  1. Australia


The waters at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia may be some of the most amazing waters in the world! Sailing gives you the opportunities to snorkel or dive all day. There’s plenty of sea life to check out so make sure you have an underwater camera. Relaxing around here is one of the best things to do everyday. Just make sure you wear sun cream because the heat can rise to over 38 degrees and that’s only at the beginning of Summer!


  1. New Zealand

New Zealdn

With its 15,000 kilometres of stunning coastline, >New Zealand has everything you could ask for when it comes to sailing. Whether you’re experienced or not, this is an amazing way to see a country that is known for its out-of-this-world landscape.


  1. The Grenadines


The island chain of 32 gorgeous Caribbean islands sprinkled across 60 miles of the southern Caribbean is one of the world’s great sailing waters. White sand beaches and tropical waters make this area a haven for sailing enthusiasts.


  1. Croatia


Sailing in Croatia is quickly becoming very popular because it’s shielded from inland eyes by the sweeping Dinaric Alps. The rolling coastline is speckled with pristine beaches, green slopes and some of the most charming towns and cities Europe has to offer (which is really saying something).


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