The 5 WORST Boat Names EVER


We’ve gone out sailing around the world (ok, on the internet!) and found the worst boat names around. These are the kind of cheap pun boat names that turn a 47′ 2014 Bavaria into the laughing stock of the Marina! If you’re struggling on something to call your new yacht, we suggest you don’t go naming them any of these…

  1. She Got The House


This isn’t even a name – quite frankly it’s a scream for help! Congratulations to the house owner though for giving him something to sail far away in. This is a horrible name for a boat, and I suggest you steer away from calling your boat this, or anything that shouts ‘I feel sorry for myself!’


  1. Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea

I get that this has been thought up because you sail on the sea, which is pronounced as ‘c’ but it has nothing to do with sailing.. or boats! But it just doesn’t make sense. If it was in perfect condition with the outside being glistening white I’d understand it a bit more but it’s rusty and therefore it hasn’t been taking good care of itself with vitamins or any other kind of health related substance?!


  1. Privacy


Privacy is Tiger Woods yacht. In our opinion Privacy is a horrific name for a boat! If it was a one bedroomed, small boat then I think the name would sit well but the size of this yacht assures there would be zero privacy aboard! Moreover, it’s a celebrities boat which means that the lack of private life because of the press makes the name almost accidentally ironic!


  1. Breaking Wind

Beaking Wind

This deserves no credit. How immature do you need to be to call your boat ‘Breaking Wind’. Not only is this just tragic but because the boat is actually a good size, a lot of people are going to see that and laugh! Please don’t be mistaken by this, they are laughing AT your boat because it’s stupid. If you had anything between your ears you would come up with a more unique and interesting name for a beautiful boat like this instead of embarrassing yourself!


  1. Keep’n it Reel

Keep'n it Reel

No, if you call your boat this then you’re definitely not ‘Keeping it real’. It’s an alright pun, that’s all I can come up with for anything positive about this name. It’s not funny, witty or even interesting! What happened to the classic boat names like ‘The Majestic’ or ‘Gemini Dream’? It just seems like people have lost their ability to be creative, such a waste of boat.


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