The 5 BEST Boat Names EVER


We’ve seen the worst, now it’s time for the best! We’ve reserached boat names and these are our favourites – ranging from puns to funny phrases there was no shortage to choose from and each will leave you in stitches. From the many interesting, intriguing and intelligent names, we’ve managed to pick out the top 5 for you, so enjoyHere’s our top 5…

  1. The CodFather

The Codfather

If you don’t get this reference then you don’t deserve to go on this boat! I applaud the owner for thinking this up while being a little jealous and reluctant to tell you that I don’t think I could of done that good. This is not only utterly brilliant but also a bit surprising as the boat itself isn’t the biggest or most amazing boat I’ve ever seen. That aside the name earns it a heap load of respect and officially crowns it ‘King of the boats’.


  1. Aboat Time

Aboat Time

I couldn’t not put this in the Top 5. Imagine sailing down the River Nile knowing that you’ll be showered with compliments for your ever so fantastic name choice! Although I must say that I can’t help but wonder how slow it must be to of earned a name like this – not that it’d matter anyway, it’s far too great to accept any negatives!


  1. Fish and Chicks

Fish and Chicks

There’s probably no doubt that a man thought up this one. It doesn’t make it any less of a funny pun though! I felt this earned a place in the top 5 because of just how smart it actually is while making me giggle at the same time. It’s also a pretty boat; perfect for a few people and I definitely wouldn’t say no to getting aboard! Whoever named this should pat themselves on the back for their efforts!


  1. Unsinkable II

Unsinkable II

It may not be as funny as the others but it sure is reliable. I’d much rather go sailing in piranha infested waters in the ‘Unsinkable II’ than a boat called the ‘Sinkable’. Furthermore, the name automatically makes you trust it – many things could go wrong but at least it won’t sink! It’s a clever name but it raises a big question too – What happened to the Unsinkable I? I guess we’ll never know!


  1. Pug Boat

Pug Boat

I love this. I know it’d make no sense if the pugs weren’t actually on the boat but this picture justifies ‘Pug Boat’ being in the top 5 best boat names completely. It’s a name you can’t not love, although that many dogs on a boat must be a nightmare. Anyway, I think this is a unique and perfect for a boat owned by a pug lover. Maybe they take the pugs on the boat every time they sail? I sure do hope so anyway!


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