Sailing going strong in Forfar


The first sailing race in Forfar started amidst light breezy ambience with Murray Hadden and Lasers of Graeme striking the mark on gun. The racing would continue for a week and would last up till this Sunday, November 3rd, 2013.

Forfar Sailing Club is a small family sailing club on the inland Forfar Loch, located close to Forfar town center. The loch is only compatible with light, small and easily maneuverable boats given its modest size & cannot allow larger vessels as these demand deeper water & space

Jim (the Commodore) had a poor start and got pushed behind from the mark & Duncan Brown was further back given the necessary on-water repair works on his boat. Graeme could reach up to the 1st mark before Murray & managed to maintain an upper hand for the remaining part of the Forfar race. He eventually finished in less than ten seconds ahead of Murray. In the meantime, Jim was found recovering fast from his weakened start- it was the wind building up during the sailing race that helped him to win the Forfar race on handicap. Jim was followed by Graeme in the second position while Murray battling up to the 3rd. Unfortunately, Duncan took a wrong turn and was thus disqualified from the race.

The wind was getting strong with the 2nd race. Again it was Murray and Graeme who came up with fantastic starts yet Duncan and Jim weren’t far behind. Accidentally, a wrong tack by Jim got his boat overwhelmed with water and he had to spend maximum of the 1st lap bailing during the sail- that effectively placed him out of the competition for the top positions. However, he somehow managed to catch up with Duncan and they finished as 3rd & 4th respectively. It was Graeme who came up as the winner of the second race beating Murray to the 2nd place.