Grant Dalton Hopeful About His Team’s Change Apr01


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Grant Dalton Hopeful About His Team’s Change


The Emirates Team New Zealand is in search of a permanent and new home in order to set their base and the probable chance of the location is the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland. The boss of the team Grant Dalton said that it is not a thing which they wanted but they would have to move on and select their base so that they can start practicing as soon as possible. The boss reportedly has described the Wynyard Quarter as the “tin shed” which they need so desperately at this present point of time. The present of the Emirates Team New Zealand is in Halsey St which will be broken down and converted into a five star hotel by the end of 2015 which is why the team has to move to a different place. In an interview Dalton said that these are things which you do not call for but when such a crisis has occurred they would have to be united as a team.

Changing the camp from one base to another is always difficult and that is what Dalton had to say about the whole matter. However he is quite confident about his team and says that this will not hamper the performance of his team and they will be able to perform better than before. Dalton is also looking to make the New Zealand a brand for this sport and believes that they are really close. The team members have already started looking into different academies and the next attempt will be in the shops. But one thing that he also mentioned is the fact that there will be money required for all this and the team will take its time to think about all this because it will be some time after they have found and settled in their new base that they will start to think about their expansion.