5 Reasons You Should Have a Sailing Christmas


It’s only when you’re sat in your office shivering in early December (and dreading the colder months ahead) that you realise just how good an idea it is to take the family on a yachting holiday! Unfortunatley we’re not talking about chartering a yacht in Scotland at this time of year (that would be an altogether different family experience!) but in time the guys at PlainSailing.com will offer Carribbean charters I’m sure! :)

Here are 5 reasons that going on a Sailing holiday at Christmas is a fantasic idea…

  1. Warmer Weather

Warm Weather

Swap the snow for the warm san of the Caribbean. Instead of bundling up to go visit your relatives, why not pull out the bathing suits and go for a sailing vacation? The average temperature that time of year in the Caribbean is around 26 degrees, so why not escape for some fun in the sun?


  1. Something Different


Does the hustle and bustle of Christmas stress you or your partner out? Skip it all and just set sail this year. Instead of worrying about cooking and cleaning the traditional Christmas meal, parties and get-togethers, why not spend the time with your family trying out some new activities on board your yacht?


  1. Family Affair


Why not turn the entire venture into a family based vacation? Invite those uncles and aunts around for a Christmas they’ll never forget. Santa won’t forget you and we’re pretty sure he’ll still find you, so you may as well be snorkelling or diving when he does.


  1. Breaks Aligned


Booking a holiday any other time of year is difficult. Everyone has schedules and time they just can’t take off. Kids have school to worry about and your boss just isn’t saying yes to your holiday request. But everyone is off for Christmas, so why not take advantage of the perfectly aligned timelines to get that holiday that you’ve wanted for a while?


  1. Gift Vacation


Everyone knows how hard it can be to find the right gift for the right person. It’s stressing, expensive and exhausting. You can surprise the entire family with a yacht vacation. It’s the gift of quality time, new experiences and adventure. Everyone is sure to love it.


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