5 Reasons Sailing Is Better Than Work


We’ve all dreamed of giving up the office job and hitting the seven seas (that’s the actual ocean rather than the pub of the same name in Grimsby!) Here are 5 reasons why sailing is sooo much better than work…

  1. Freedom


Who doesn’t want to wake up every day knowing you have no obligations except to relax in the sun and watch the ocean pass you by? No deadlines to work to, no boss to appease. Just you, your boat and the open ocean to lazily watch.


  1. Lack of Co-Workers


Everyone has that one guy in the office who just can’t shut up about how well he did this job, or how he totally did this thing. Well, he doesn’t exist on your sailboat. No annoying watercooler conversations or co-workers asking you if you can finish this task they were given because they have to go pick up their kids.


  1. Routines


Ever noticed how your day is just a ‘Go there, do this. Go there, do that’ over and over and over? How you’re awake at the same time every day, you come home and do the same thing every day? Well not while sailing. Every day has something new to offer and you’re at completely freedom to choose when you want to do whatever it is that you want to do.


  1. Phones


Maybe this is more of a general one, but the lack of phone coverage out on the ocean really helps to bring the peacefulness around you. When you don’t have to worry about who’s going to call or text you next, when you have nothing to distract you. Maybe you don’t realise it yet, but your life is going to seem so much better the moment you ditch that phone.


  1. Adventure


Seriously. Visiting new places all the time is exciting. Seeing all manner of sea creatures and uninhabited islands is a thrill that you just can’t get in work. Or maybe you’re that guy and can. Whatever. Sailing through the ocean and seeing the wonders of nature makes you never want to go back to that office.


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